Sunday, December 4, 2011

If a Tree Falls in the Forest Does it Make a Sound?

On garbage day (Thursday) I awoke to the sounds of the wind storm raging outside my house. Upon awakening I was told that our neighbors giant pine tree had fallen across the road. I then put on my flannel and long johns and preceded to become a lumber jack.

Once I had opened the front door, I was accosted  by the force of the wind. My front door was thrown open as if a strong man had tried to push his way into the house. I immediately shut the door and ran to the nearest window to inspect the fallen pine. Sure enough it was covering the whole street.

I then decided to brave the insta-cold again and plunder through the outside. We ended up cutting down a couple pines besides my neighbor across the street. It was a fun morning. We also attached my Jeeps winch to my other neighbors tree. With every hurricane gust the root system of the three moved the ground upward 3 inches. If it had toppled over it would have taken out the corner of their house, though, thanks to my trusty Jeep it  didn’t. The mischievous side of me wanted to help the wind push it down….but I didn’t.

Then I traveled up to work on the treacherous freeway to work. What a blast!! I’m not kidding, I love driving in dangerous weather; snow, wind, rain. It makes driving so much more fun! Almost every freeway I passed closed as I got half way to my destination. Though, because of this I did get to take Legacy Highway and was able to witness a UPS delivery truck topple over. (Super cool, no one got hurt).

4 hours after I reached Ogden, the shops power  went off and I was able to return home to no power.  It is too much fun here in Bountiful tonight.  Its like a big camping trip, with huge tents that have camp fires inside.

Well I’m running low on battery power on my lap top. I better save the last of it to finish my final paper.

2011-12-01 07.43.55

2011-12-01 08.13.18

2011-12-01 16.56.40