Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demands, Demands, Demands.

Being a student is one big demand. You are constantly at school trying to earn a greater education. Trying to understand. Professors are constantly demanding more and more from you.

Most students have a job. I have 2.5. Juggling 2.5 jobs as well as giving into the demands of my professors is a hard thing to do. But what other choice do students have? We have to pay for tuition, books, food, and other fun items. We, as students have no other choice than to man  up and preform the duties which society demands of us.

And it sucks.

Tonight I had to write a revision of a short story depicting a setting change as well as enough imagery to show the reader the new slate ravine in which my characters are trapped (gray teal, very tragic), 2 character sketches, finish my idea journal and draft another blog for another blog, study new products AND check facebook.

Life's a beach ain’t it!

Now part of this could be my fault due to my amazing procrastination skills. But I also have very little time these days. I now have a cycle.

School-Work-homework-blog work-sleep-repeat.

Loads of fun. I miss the days of my childhood. Completely carefree mud fights, tag and house. I wish I could travel back in time to that day and age. But sadly the only time machine that I can find are lunchables and those only go so far.

I’m stuck, I am stuck in adulthood. I guess I better go cut out some Lunchable coupons.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Man Scruff

Man Scruff. Some women hate it, others love it. Men… they just find it itchy (or so I’ve heard). But what is truly the right amount? That is the question. Many male celebrities wear their scruff like men. While others can only brush the surface of man scruff.This too applies to men of the real world. But is there an appropriate amount that can be viewed by all as the universally correct amount? Lets delve deeper.

Barely there, but noticeable:




Noticeable, manly. I would say that we should stop here… but we have bigger fish to fry.




Dark and thick scruff:    



This man looks like he just stepped out of the mountains. We could even call this the lumber jack. It almost has an almost touchable quality to it.



Boarder line beard:



Its almost to the point where combing would be a daily task. But still just short enough to be considered scruff.





So what is the proper amount for a man to grow? Who knows. There really is not a proper amount to be grown. Though, I do think I can speak for almost every woman when I ask that men with facial hair keep their hair clean and food free.

If you really are in need of a correct facial amount, ask this guy.


Monday, October 3, 2011

The Worst Part

Lately, it seems like everyone and their pet moose is sick. Whether they are just barely beginning to feel the symptoms of the sickness, in the full blown sick, or in the stages of “getting over it”. It is going around. This mysterious sickness is catching on and fast.

I have been lucky enough to contract this disease and let me tell you what utter bliss it has been. Hot eyes, congested nasal passageways, and who could forget the raspy sore throat!


This week horrible. I can not tell you how much snot that I have gotten rid of. But if it wasn’t for this handy dandy medicine, it could have been much worse.

images Airborne is amazing. You drop one tablet into water, it fizzles away, then you drink it. Super easy and it doesn’t taste super bad. Airborne helps to protect you from sick bugs and cuts your sick time in half. Pure magic. I usually take one when I feel a beastly sore throat coming on or when my eyes get hot (my eyes get hot when I am getting sick, weird huh).

BUT, what I have discovered this past week it the worst part the sick process. Most people would day that the whole sickness is bad, but I have pin pointed the heart and soul of the worst part. The morning.

Usually everyone falls asleep feeling slightly better. But as soon as you wake up your are slapped with all your symptoms. Your nasal passageways are once again jam packed with snot, your throat raspy if is there at all. Then as the day goes on, your voice resumes it “normal” sick voice. Your nose drains with aid of tissue and drugs. Then you must return to your bed in the evening, only to be slapped by your sickness in the morning… Again.

Which qualifies the morning as the worst part of being sick.

Side Note: I would suggest the lime flavored airborne, its pretty much amazing!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brown Hat

I laugh at people. It’s the honest truth. We are really weird creatures. We pick our noses, sniff our farts, and sing in the car. (Don’t' deny it, you know its true) And when I see someone doing these things I laugh, because its funny and ironic.

Which is why I bring up Brown Hat. Whose name shall remain nameless, unless you know who I’m talking about. Then we can laugh together at the awkwardness of this human.

I have had the pleasure of having two classes with Brown Hat thus far into my college career. I am truly blessed. In each class I can not tell you exactly what was taught, only what behaviors I have noticed from this fascinating species. Call me a stalker if you must, I am just amazed.

You may be asking yourself why I am calling the individual Brown Hat. The reason being that they wear a Brown hat almost every day. No Joke. Now I can understand a relationship with a favorite article of clothing. I could wear my yellow hoodie everyday, but I don’t. I must wear other clothing because it is demanded by modern society. People, especially women, notice clothing. So one must change up their outfits in order to be truly accepted by normal society.

I began to notice the trend of Brown Hat wearing their indeed brown hat in the spring semester of 2011, when I had my first class with this individual. I turned to my friend and said “I think they they have worn that hat everyday this week.” My friend replied that indeed they had.

To my surprise in my fall semester of 2011, I was shocked to see Brown Hat in yet another class with me. Since  the first day of class in my fall semester, I have been keeping track of The Hat. So far 13 out of 15 days, the Brown hat has been worn.

Now you might say that I am being cruel. Which is possible, but I consider myself a brilliant scientist studying a new species. Let me remind you that it is not only the Hat that I find so peculiar. But also the individual as a whole.

But alas, I must end my pontification. If I reveal the species as a whole my research might sound rash and harsh. So I will slap you upfront with the brunt of the information while slowly telling you the rest.