Sunday, March 27, 2011

Late and Thoughtless

Its that time again…The time when I remember that I have a blog. So I guess I must blog.

Upon remembering that I have a blog I remembered all of these fantastic happenings in my life that I would blog about…. then I showered and poof!! Fantastic ideas gone. So, I apologize for my thoughtlessness and move on.

School sucks, if there was some way that I could just become a billionaire life would be perfect. Instead life is hard and we all get to live the American dream and work for our money…. Fantastic. As I was working the other day I was playing with one of the weirdest, yet coolest products ever. THE SKI GEE!! ski g

This awesome little product is a squeegee (possibly spelled correctly) for your goggles. Very handy on those POW days(For all you non skiing people, POW day is a Powder day, meaning lots of fresh snow) when you don’t want to swipe all the snow from your goggles and scratch the goggle with your harsh gloves simple ski gee it away!!! I wish I had invented this. I could be a fairly wealthy college student. Even though the ski gee doesn’t just fly off the shelves because they are in such high demand. They still seem to disappear super fast, though this could be due to the fact that they are being stolen…. but none the less they are selling.

Someday…maybe, I will invent a ski gee like thing and be rich. Then again someday my prince will come and that hasn’t happened yet either…. So Maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up for a Disney ending, and I’ll just stay in school.

Signing off till I remember about my blog again. NIGHT!!!

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