Thursday, September 29, 2011

It’s No Secret

Its not a secret that I am most likely the worlds worst blogger ever when it comes to my own blog. It just so happens that when there is not a mandatory need for my blog to be updated, I don’t update it. These are the facts. Sorry.

But I will have you know that I am trying to be better. But it is simply not in my nature to always go to my computer and blog about all of the amazing sites I have found. Or tell you how fed up I am about some people.  I guess it is not in my nature to let the world know how I am feeling every day. If you are around me you will know. If you are not around me, I guess you better call me and find out how I am doing that day.

These things are true of my nature, though I previously stated that I was going to be better. And so, here I am… trying to be better. Are you happy now?

                                    For Starters:

Here is my #1 most visited site, no it is not Facebook. Useless  pictures, statements, and videos whose sole purpose in life is to convince me that I don’t need to be doing my homework. Which is true…. most of the time.

My other most visited site, no its not Hulu. I am constantly amazed at the fact that the creatures of most of these cakes can call themselves Bakers is beyond me.

Also for all to whom ever is interested, I just might’ve declared a minor. Yes, a minor, I still have no major. If you want to know what it is… Call me.

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