Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have discovered a pet peeve. It is called haggling. Some call it an art form. I call it retarted.
When I hear that someone haggled for a price, I often think of  going to a foreign country and visiting the small shops, and trying to talk them down do their lowest price.
Well some genius haggled in a foreign country and decided to bring it back to America. Bad idea. Now that the economy had hit the bottom and it deciding to come back up, people are trying to be money safe. Here’s a hint, if you want something badly enough you will buy it, and you will probably buy it at whatever price it is.
                In my job, customers decide that it is ok to try to haggle you for a lower price. To all those who haggle, I’ll let you in on a hint.  I can’t give you a better price. I don’t have the power. In order for me to even try to get you a better price… you have to not haggle me. Just a hint. But in all seriousness, don’t try to barter with your sales person. They don’t have the power. A cars sales man, and an owner of a store in India might, but I don’t. So don’t ask. There is nothing I hate more than a customer coming up to me and saying, “ what kind of deal can you give me on this ski.”
                That’s when I say kindly, “If you want the ski that badly, steal it.”
You wouldn’t haggle Christian Louboutin for one of his hand bags, or shoes. So don’t haggle me.
Just a thought. Who wants to go skiing with me on Thursday?
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  1. Jenny! You have a blog! And you're a good writer! These are both things that I didn't know and am quite pleased to have found out. I'm excited to read more of your stuff! Welcome to Blogdom. (I just made that word up.)