Monday, January 10, 2011

A "Romantic" AA Meeting

Well hello world of blogging. I come in peace.  In more than one way I feel like I should introduce myself, but then I feel like I am in an AA meeting. “Hello, my name is Jenny. I’ve now been off of my beverage of choice for two whole hours.”
(beverage of choice being a Diet Coke)
Ok, I’m just going to jump right in. This semester I am taking an intro to fiction class. And I have never been more thankful that I am not a stuck in a hopeless romantic rut. I don’t even want to think about how I would’ve turned out. Would I have turned out like one of those girls that can’t match, wears no makeup, and hopes that my prince charming will jump out of the book that I am reading and take me away to his castle…… well, I guess it depends on the day… My point being that I always come back to reality, and I get ready for the day, shower and don’t sound like a total retard when discussing the deeper meanings of a short story.
                I understand where they are coming, and why not be a hopeless romantic?  A girl can dream right! Of course she can. I just think that they need to come back to reality.
                Lately I have taken to trying to piss off the romantics during class. My most recent attempt was just today. We read a short story called “ A Rose for Emily” the end result of the story was a woman poisoning her lover when he tried to leave her, And then sealing his body in a room, where she would then snuggle with it ,… and …. Well…. She’d sleep with it. I made the comment that she didn’t mean to kill her suitor. You would’ve thought that I had killed someone!!  The romantics were outraged that I would even think such a thought. And here I thought that they were true romantics. Turns out they are just blood thirsty Romantics. 
                Well I’m now all cozy in bed and am going to read a good book…. There might even be a love interest in it.

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