Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Clean Your Glasses

I have been continuing my study on brown hat. And I have come to the conclusion that brown hat is amazing. She is truly one of a kind. I have often found myself just watching her in class. You are more than welcome to call me a stalker. But I wouldn’t call it stalking if the person you are stalking causes you to grimace in disgust while causing you to laugh at the same time.

There is one act which brown hat carries out daily which causes me daily amazement. She cleans her glasses. ( And yes, I did just let it slip that brown hat is a she).

Now, Brown hat cleans her glasses in a unorthodox way. The classic way to clean your glasses is to insert one spectacle half way into your mouth and exhale. Thus, emitting a thin layer of moist fog. The next classic motion is to wipe off the moist fog layer with a soft cloth, which normally ends up being the bottom hem of a shirt.

But not with Brown Hat. Brown Hat will insert the glasses all the way into her house. Close her lips all the way around the frames and then exhale. When she exhales, she will exhale with such force that she will emit a deep guttle sound from her throat. It almost sounds like she is about to hawk up a loogie.

And then she will repeat this process until she deems the lenses “clean”. She is defiantly not afraid to be herself and I must give her props for that.

2011-10-05 10.23.47

(Brown Hat)

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