Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demands, Demands, Demands.

Being a student is one big demand. You are constantly at school trying to earn a greater education. Trying to understand. Professors are constantly demanding more and more from you.

Most students have a job. I have 2.5. Juggling 2.5 jobs as well as giving into the demands of my professors is a hard thing to do. But what other choice do students have? We have to pay for tuition, books, food, and other fun items. We, as students have no other choice than to man  up and preform the duties which society demands of us.

And it sucks.

Tonight I had to write a revision of a short story depicting a setting change as well as enough imagery to show the reader the new slate ravine in which my characters are trapped (gray teal, very tragic), 2 character sketches, finish my idea journal and draft another blog for another blog, study new products AND check facebook.

Life's a beach ain’t it!

Now part of this could be my fault due to my amazing procrastination skills. But I also have very little time these days. I now have a cycle.

School-Work-homework-blog work-sleep-repeat.

Loads of fun. I miss the days of my childhood. Completely carefree mud fights, tag and house. I wish I could travel back in time to that day and age. But sadly the only time machine that I can find are lunchables and those only go so far.

I’m stuck, I am stuck in adulthood. I guess I better go cut out some Lunchable coupons.


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