Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Man Scruff

Man Scruff. Some women hate it, others love it. Men… they just find it itchy (or so I’ve heard). But what is truly the right amount? That is the question. Many male celebrities wear their scruff like men. While others can only brush the surface of man scruff.This too applies to men of the real world. But is there an appropriate amount that can be viewed by all as the universally correct amount? Lets delve deeper.

Barely there, but noticeable:




Noticeable, manly. I would say that we should stop here… but we have bigger fish to fry.




Dark and thick scruff:    



This man looks like he just stepped out of the mountains. We could even call this the lumber jack. It almost has an almost touchable quality to it.



Boarder line beard:



Its almost to the point where combing would be a daily task. But still just short enough to be considered scruff.





So what is the proper amount for a man to grow? Who knows. There really is not a proper amount to be grown. Though, I do think I can speak for almost every woman when I ask that men with facial hair keep their hair clean and food free.

If you really are in need of a correct facial amount, ask this guy.


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  1. jenny, i love reading your blog. without fail, it always makes me laugh. love it!